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Founded in 1994, TigerStop brings speed, precision and productivity to the saw ripping process. Headquartered off the wave-battered shores of Vancouver, Washington, TigerStop fence positioning systems add automation to your table saw by allowing you to control it from one side of the fence. TigerStop’s TigerFence line has helped woodworkers see up to 30% more productivity out of their saws.

Walking around your sliding table saw and resetting your fence over and over again adds up to hours of wasted time. TigerFence controls are conveniently mounted on the operator’s side of the table saw so you can change dimensions without walking a step. Adaptable, fast and highly accurate, TigerFence will help you increase your output and add to your bottom line. WMS is proud to carry TigerStop’s line of TigerFence fence positioning systems for woodworkers in Minneapolis-St. Paul and beyond.