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Based out of the Pacific Northwest, Oliver Machinery has produced thousands of machines for the woodworking industry since the company was founded in 1890. Over the course of Oliver’s existence, the company has fashioned bread-slicers during the Great Depression, saws for cutting aluminum, brass, copper, steel and titanium during World War II and packaging and printing machinery during the 1950s and 1960s. Oliver even supplied the saw used to cut the ceramic tiles for NASA’s space shuttle!

Oliver has earned a reputation for rugged, heavy-duty and well-designed woodworking machinery that will help your wood turn out straight, precise and exceptionally crafted. Oliver jointers use weight and precision to achieve perfectly flat and smooth wooden boards and panels, while their quick-change blades give your stock a better finish and keep your shop moving smoothly. Oliver planers output stock that is straight and true as an arrow, while Oliver shapers use a newly-designed dovetail system to ensure both accuracy and longevity with minimal maintenance.

When it comes to ripsaws and table saws, Oliver tears it up with accuracy and style. The straight-line ripsaw will keep your wood secure and straight as it rips through it, while the auto-chain lubrication and pivoting control panel add to the saws customizable and user-friendly faculties. The sliding-table saw includes a high-tech belt drive system that runs smoothly and with less vibration for the highest quality cuts known to man. WMS is proud to carry Oliver Machinery products for all your woodworking needs.

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WMS carries Oliver Machinery jointers, planers, ripsaws and sliding table saws for all your woodworking and furniture manufacturing needs.