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Established in 1922, Martin Woodworking Machines Corp. has earned a reputation for producing some of the finest and most advanced woodworking machinery across this blue and green planet. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Martin is the only woodworking machinery manufacturer that engineers, designs and produces 90% of each machine in-house. From planers and jointers to shapers and saws, Martin equipment is user-friendly, built to last and extremely precise.

Featuring ideal conditions for the modern woodworking environment, Martin planers deliver cleanly-planed surfaces and operate quietly at low decibels. Martin jointers provide end-results with perfectly jointed material for all your wooden boards and panels. The fence runs smoothly and unerringly for many years of quick and precise jointing operations. Martin shapers are efficient and versatile and include modern touchscreen control to minimize set-up time and increase production.

What is the most important machine in your workshop? Many woodworkers answer this question by pointing to their trusty sliding-table saw. Equipped to make fine and rough cuts alike, a Martin sliding-table saw will allow you to work quickly, accurately and without fatigue for many years. WMS proudly carries Martin machinery for all your woodworking needs.