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Located just south of Los Angeles, California, CTD manufactures durable saws for cutting wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals. With innovative designs and new technology, CTD’s Whirlwind mitre and cut-off saws feature high-speed carbide blades and abrasive cut steel for many years of productive precision cutting. Established in 1953 as Commercial Tool & Die, CTD reflects a long history of American-made production equipment.

CTD’s Whirlwind mitre saws are capable of mitering and compound mitering simultaneously, while CTD’s Whirlwind cut-off saws are designed for heavy-duty cutting production. The saws’ innovative design incorporates calibrated angle settings and quadrants for fast and accurate set-ups with a maximum of flexibility and cutting capacities. Refined by time and available with many different options and lengths, WMS carries CTD Whirlwind mitre and cut-off saws for all your woodcutting processes.