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Bacci America Inc., based in Charlotte NC, is the direct subsidiary of its Italian parent company, Paolino Bacci.

Paolino Bacci was founded in 1918 and, today, is today a recognized leader in the production of multi-axis CNC machining centers (5 or more). Bacci's innovative CNC machining centers can process a wide variety of materials, from solid wood to plastics, composite materials and aluminum. Furthermore, Bacci produces a wide range of CNC band saws.

With over 40 registered international patents, Bacci is known for providing cutting-edge technologies capable of satisfying the application and production needs of our customers. Today Bacci is still 100% family-run (now in its 4th generation).

Our facilities include:

- Paolino Bacci, our main production site in Cascina (PI), Italy

- Bacci Meccanica, our metal processing plant, also in Cascina (PI), Italy

- Two direct sales branches, providing both sales and after sales services:

- Bacci America (Charlotte, NC)

- Bacci China (Dongguan, China)

- Bacci Automation, our division of robotic systems integrators

- located in Manzano (UD), Italy.