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SawStop brake cartridge. Equivalent to TSBC-10R2. Blue for 10" blade. The standard brake catridge stops the spinning blade on contact with skin reducing the chances of a catastrophic injury. It is compatible with all standard 10" blades on SawStop saws. Locking key allows use to quickly and easily switch between standard and dado cartridges.

  • Features:
    • Revolutionary safety protection: activates safety system within 5 millisecond once skin contact is detected
    • R232 Port: plugs into brake cartridge sending a signal to the blade; interface between microprocessor and the saw
    • Debris Shield: Mylar shield insulated aluminum brake to avoid triggering when cutting through nails, staples, or screws
    • Heavy-duty spring: 150 pounds of pressure to push alimunum brake block into the path of the blade stopping it within 5 milliseconds


10" Standard Brake Cartridge

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